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Soundproof Window Framing and Mounting Variations

There are many frame combinations available that will allow us to mount our Soundproof Windows to virtually any wall surface.

The drawings below represent our most common mounting combinations. Regardless of frame selected, they will "disappear" and seem to be part of your existing window. Our near-invisible frames are excellent for historical preservation projects.

Note: the existing windows are not shown in the illustrations below.

Comment from a real estate agent about a house with Soundproof Windows.
Surface Mount Example for a Soundproof Window

Surface Mount

Used to add additional air space to maximize noise reduction.

Depending on the severity of the noise and the size of the
air space, we may recommend this style. Here, we mount the Soundproof Window on the wall, usually over the edge of the existing window opening.

This configuration is also excellent for use with tilt-in windows.

Frame is 7/8" tall and 1-1/8" deep. Attachment fin is 3/4"
Surface Mount with Sill Example for a Soundproof Window

Surface Mount With Sill

When there is a sill, we rest the Soundproof Window on it,
and surface-mount the window to the opening.
Flush Mount Example for a Soundproof Window

Flush Mount

This Soundproof Window mounts flush with the inside wall.

Frame is 7/8" tall and 1-5/8" deep.

Often, this mounting can protrude into the room for additional
mounting or air space.

Color for existing wall
Wall (existing window not shown)
Color for Soundproof Window frame
Soundproof Window Frame
Color for foam/gasket material
Foam/Gasket Material
Color for window track
Window Track
Color for caulking joint
Caulking Joint
Color for glass panel
Glass Panel (tightly seals and is movable/removable)
Graphic for attaching screw
Attaching Screw