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Case Study - Los Angeles Apartment Soundproofing

Soundproof Windows work well in residential soundproofing, and commercial building soundproofing. Find out how soundproofing helped reduce traffic noise in this downtown Los Angeles complex.

A multi-million dollar project taking 3 years to complete, the Mozaic Apartments, developed by Lincoln Properties, were justified in describing their intentions as follows:

It's our goal to bring a designer lifestyle to downtown Los Angeles apartment living. From our roof top pool to our Internet café, Mozaic apartments set the standard in a luxury apartment community.
And they go on to say:
Mozaic features a variety of studio, one, and two bedroom floor plans. Each apartment includes washer and dryers, granite countertops, premium appliances, and many units enjoy floor to ceiling windows and private balconies.

Soundproofing Required

Soundproofing is required for this busy street corner.

Of course, being in the middle of downtown also involves one other factor not mentioned above: an incredible amount of street noise.
Read on to see what soundproofing Lincoln Properties added to reduce the traffic noise.

Even given the high end amenities, the amount of outside noise could be prohibitive and turn off potential tenants without adding soundproofing. With lease rates in the downtown area commanding upwards of $3000 per month, not having a 100% occupancy rate could be expensive. Lincoln Properties decided the best soundproofing tactic would be to exceed the government noise abatement requirements to help attract prospective residents.

Please click on the photos below to see close ups.
The bus stop is just outside of this unit The buses stop here constantly
The bus stops right outside the window in this unit. Another view of the bus stop .
Great view but the traffic requires soundproofing There is constant traffic on this street
View from a first floor balcony . During rush hour, this street is packed .

The Soundproofing Solution

“We wanted to provide a high quality of life to our tenants and we felt that included a quiet environment,” said the project manager for Lincoln Properties, Sasha Cooper.  “To exceed the Los Angeles requirements by soundproofing and be noticeably quieter than our competition, we set some tough noise reduction targets.”  He invested his time in research and discovered our soundproofing solution on the internet.

They hired an acoustic consulting firm, Veneklasen Associates, to do a detailed site survey and review as well as extensive sound testing to evaluate the noise levels.

Initially, high quality double pane windows were installed and tested, but these turned out to fall short of their target.  The next step was to install Soundproof Windows in several of the nosiest units and perform more sound tests to evaluate the soundproofing results.

The soundproofing surpassed their expectations and noise reduction goals in every room tested, and even amazed John LoVerde, the associate principal consultant from Veneklasen.  “I had heard of Soundproof Windows previously and was impressed after testing their installed product.”

“The windows exceeded our requirements for soundproofing.  Now, despite all the downtown city noises outside, all our units have a very quiet and less stressful living environment,” explained Cooper.

A Wall of Noise

Particularly challenging were the units requiring soundproofing which had floor to ceiling windows.  “We didn’t expect to see as much difference in the level of noise because of the number and size of the windows,” Cooper said, “But we were quite surprised and pleased with the results.” 
An impressive array of windows requiring soundproofing View from inside of unit with floor to ceiling windows
Exterior View Interior View
Without soundproofing the outside traffic was loud All units facing the busy streets had soundproofing installed.
This is an extra large window.

These Soundproofing Windows are Practically Invisible

Another great aspect of these soundproofing windows is how well they fit in with the décor.  Looking at this room, you wouldn’t know that a powerful STC 55 rated Soundproof Window has been installed.
This window still looks lovely after soundproofing The soundproof sliding glass door is 'invisible'
Window overlooking street The same can be said for Soundproof Windows' sliding glass door

Photos Showing Soundproofing Details

This is a large window overlooking a busy intersection Bottom of a soundproof sliding glass door
5 X 4 Slider Soundproof Sliding Glass Door - Bottom
Top corner of Soundproof Windows' sliding glass door Soundproof Windows' Slider
Soundproof Sliding Glass Door - Top Corner Soundproof Slider
Soundproofing can be applied to all windows. Soundproofing can be done to virtually any window.
Another large window requiring soundproofing Another large Soundproof Window

Acoustic test results are available which demonstrate the level of soundproofing. If you'd like to get more details on this project, or to discuss soundproofing, feel free to call us at 877-438-7843, or send an email to: or fill out our inquiry form.